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As Burkhard Bacher in 1960 saw the light of day, it’s actually a miracle that he did not do this with a small spoon in his hands. The master of pots and pans in the gourmet restaurant – Burkhard Bacher – has early discovered his passion for cooking. After completing his apprenticeship as a chef in the kitchens of renowned houses in South Tyrol, he embarked on a journey to get to know the prestigious kitchens of the world. The influences of international cuisines helped him to cultivate his given grace, and he succeeded in a harmonious way to unite the different cooking philosophies. The delicious dishes he creates in the “Kleine Flamme” describe the personalized global cuisine, which is so characteristic of the culinary art of Burkhard Bacher.

The Stages of Travel and Learning Years

France is the birthplace of haute cuisine, and obviously Burkhard Bacher was magically attracted to the country of the nouvelle cuisine. In prestigious restaurants such as the “Georges Blanc” or the restaurant “L’Oasis” by Stephane Raimbault and Louis Outhier in La Napoule, he gained valuable experiences and influences, which are still today among the foundations of his culinary creations. At “Benito” in Ghent / Belgium he learned all about the manufacture of sausages and pies.

The light and lively cuisine of Italy also plays a decisive role in Bacher’s creations. At the “Enoteca Pinchiorri” in Florence and in the restaurant “Da Vittorio” in Bergamo Burkhard Bacher got a deep insight into the Mediterranean cuisine of Italy.

In the United States, the young chef spent instructive and exciting years in the kitchens of Jean Georges in New York and the gourmet restaurant “Joel” by Joel Antunes in Atlanta.

The Asian influence was now on the travel menu of Burkhard Bacher. During several visits to probably the best hotel in the world – the Hotel “Oriental” in Bangkok – he acquired the art of Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisine. Thanks to his refined cooking style, and because of his profound capability, he was given the honour of organizing several culinary Italian Food Festivals at the Hotel “Oriental” in Bangkok and in the Hotels “Oriental” in Singapore and Macao.

Burkhard Bacher’s culinary masterpieces were even enjoyed by several crowned heads, among others, the Spanish King Juan Carlos I, Queen Sirikit of Thailand and the Danish Queen Margrethe II.

With the opening of the Restaurant “Kleine Flamme” in Sterzing in 1998, Burkhard Bacher and his wife fulfilled a lifelong dream.