Event Gastronomy at the “Kleine Flamme”

Burkhard Bacher is a hands-on chef, who shares his passion for cooking with others. In his first-class restaurant “Kleine Flamme” in Sterzing, Mr. Bacher grants guests and friends an insight into the diverse worlds of dining. Cooking classes and theme evenings will take the participants behind the scenes and on culinary trips into Asian cuisine. Burkhard Bacher gives helpful tips and reveals antique and modern culinary secrets.

Event Gastronomy at the “Kleine Flamme”

Exclusive Cooking Classes

The exclusive cooking classes that are regularly offered at the “Kleine Flamme” allow incredible insights into the culinary arts. Together with the participants Burkhard Bacher prepares refined dishes that are then enjoyed together. With new and exclusive cooking ideas, the participants can take some of the gourmet flair of the “Kleine Flamme” home with them and impress their friends and family with delicious and unusual dishes.

The World of Spices

During this workshop, the guests will enter the intense world of spices. Mr. Bacher shares his extensive knowledge of herbs, spices and spice blends and their individual application. In summer, the beautiful herb garden of the “Kleine Flamme” transforms into a classroom. Many spices can do so much more than “simply” add fantastic flavours – most of them possess curative and health-boosting properties. These are just two of many interesting insights that Burkhard Bacher will reveal during this theme night.

Thai Evenings

Some secrets of the Asian or the Thai cuisine are revealed during these evenings. The light and healthy cuisine of this tropical paradise will enchant the participants with entirely new taste experiences. The delicate interplay between sweetness and spiciness, which Burkhard Bacher dominates like no other chef in Italy, will transform the Thai evenings at the “Kleine Flamme” into a unique experience.

The Japanese Cuisine

Already 10 years ago, Burkhard Bacher created the South Tyrolean Sushi – he feels at home in the Japanese cuisine. Fresh fish, seafood, healthy vegetables and fine rice create an incomparable pleasure experience. No kitchen in the world puts more emphasis on the different seasons – seasonal ingredients are transformed into vibrant and light flavours.

South Tyrolean Sushi